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5 Purchases To Make On Your Credit Card

Credit Card Usefulness

We all know that credit cards are extremely useful in everyday life. They offer you a source of credit, help make purchases, and give you some great benefits and rewards. However, did you know that there are some purchases that you should always make on your credit card?

Some people are afraid of carrying over a large balance on their credit card balance. These people are wise and responsible and take care of their personal finances. But did you know that using your credit card could end up saving you money? Here we suggest five purchases you should make on your credit card.

Online Shopping

We all do shopping online. Whether it be our weekly groceries or the latest novel from your favourite author. Online purchases are now a facet of our daily lives. We are all familiar with entering our card details into websites, probably to the point that you can remember your credit card number from memory.

However, not every website is reputable. Scammers have the ability to create a website that looks exactly like a website that you would normally use. This may be a trusted brand that you are familiar making purchases with. They shadow these websites in an attempt to steal your personal information.

Credit card companies will protect you against these fraudsters. If you are unlucky enough to fall victim to a scam, your credit card company will not charge you. As long as you contact your credit card company within an appropriate timeframe, you will not suffer any financial loss from your information being stolen.

Transactions Over The Phone

When making a transaction over the phone, you should always use your credit card. If you use a debit card, you cannot see the actual amount that is being taken from your card by the retailer. The seller might not even send you an email to confirm the purchase. If you use a debit card, then the money will be taken from your account almost immediately. If you have trouble with receiving your product, or if what you receive is not up to standard, you might have trouble attempting to get a refund.

Credit card companies are very experienced in dealing with troublesome sellers. If you communicate your problem to them, they more than likely will not charge your account for the purchase. Furthermore, retailers are more likely to engage if you threaten to carry out a chargeback with your credit card company.

Scotiabank Platinum American Express

Electronic Appliances 

When you buy an electronic appliance, it can easily break, even after just a few short uses. Using your credit card when purchasing electronics can be a massive benefit. Appliances usually come with a short warranty, with retailers offering you an extended warranty for a higher cost. However, many credit card providers will offer a warranty on goods purchased with their cards. This could save you both a headache and money. In fact, the warranty that you receive from your credit card company is likely to be better than any offered by your retailer.

Airplane Tickets

Purchasing airline tickets is one of the best things that you can purchase on your credit card. Most companies will offer protection in the form of travel insurance in the case of lost baggage or cancellation. You might even receive certain perks at the airport if you purchase with the right credit card company. If you are a frequent traveller, you should investigate attaining an airline credit card. These cards offer you a bonus if you book flights on a regular basis. This could save you a significant amount of money in the long term.

Hotel Bookings & Car Rentals

When travelling you should always use your credit card to book car rentals and hotels. When you are renting a car, the rental company will usually ask you to place down a deposit. If you use your credit card, the renter should wave this deposit. Not only this, but your credit card provider should also cover your card insurance. This is one of the great perks of using a credit card when travelling. Similarly, when booking a hotel room, you can avoid placing down a deposit if using a credit card. If you stay at a certain hotel on a regular basis, you can take advantage of many reward points systems.  


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